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Professionally known as Jason Davey (his middle name is David), Jason was born on May 11, 1968 in London. His parents are Mandy Green and the late, great Tony Figgis, both founding members of Figgis Green. He graduated with three GCSE’s, in English, Maths and Music. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Jason counts playing guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, dulcimer, concertina, keyboards and the occasional accordion amongst his many talents. He also sings. And whistles.

Jason has a son, Dominic, who is studying film at university, and a daughter, Jennifer, who is a professional photographer. His younger sister, Angie, writes under the pen name Taylor Feldspar and is the author of a highly successful series of cozy catering mysteries.

When he's not touring with Figgis Green, Jason has a permanent gig at The Blue Devil, a jazz club in London's Soho. He lives near Angel tube station and loves doing family tree research when he's not solving mysteries.

He wishes it to be known that he does not share his band-mates' passion for the train game Ticket to Ride.


Mandy was born in 1941. Prior to founding Figgis Green in 1965, Mandy and her partner Tony Figgis were two-thirds of the folk group Paisley Ascot. Mandy has two children -- Jason, who is currently touring with Figgis Green, and Angie, who writes cozy catering mysteries under the pen name Taylor Feldspar.

Mandy sings lead vocals with Figgis Green, as well as playing tambourine, spoons, ukulele, Irish tin whistle, autoharp, and accordion.

When she's not touring, Mandy lives half an hour away from Jason in a lovely old house in the country, surrounded by trees, meandering cows and the odd sheep.


The newest member of Figgis Green, Beth was recruited after the unexpected departure of the band's long-time fiddler, Keith Reader. A graduate of the Royal College of Music, Beth was born in 1986 in East Peckham.

Aside from owning a very funky green and black electric Bridge Aquila fiddle, which has a hollow body made out of kevlar and carbon fibre, she also plays a more traditional-looking violin which is actually an electro-acoustic that she can plug straight into the sound system and thus avoid causing the Figs' sound engineer Tejo to be bad-tempered about her mic levels. Beth can usually be found on the tour bus, obsessing with Mitch and Bob over the train game Ticket to Ride.


Bob, Figgis Green's rhythm guitarist, was hired soon after the 50th Anniversary Lost Time Tour was announced, replacing Ben Quigley, who graciously declined the invitation to take part.

Bob, who was born in Croydon in 1965, has brought his two favourite electric guitars along for the tour. One is a copy of the famous Fiesta Red Strat owned by his hero, Bruce Welch. The other's also a Fender, a Silver Smoke Player Plus Telecaster. Bob also plays a handsome Martin acoustic which gets quite a bit of use on the Figs' more traditional songs. Bob shares a passion for the train game Ticket to Ride with fellow bandmates Mitch and Beth.


Like his sister, Mandy, Mitch was a war baby, born on December 12, 1943. One of the three original members of Figgis Green, when he's not touring, Mitch runs a well-appointed pub in Hampshire with his wife, Jo, and plays in the house band which features numerous Figgis Green standards.

Mitch has two bass guitars on tour with him—his favourite Hofner and, in case of emergencies, a very old battered Fender Precision. On the tour bus, Mitch can usually be found with Beth and Bob, playing the train game Ticket to Ride.



In the twenty years since the Figs' last live performance, drummer Rolly Black moved to the US and built his own recording studio, filled it with instruments and made a second career for himself scoring music for films and TV. The second cousin of band founder Tony Figgis (and himself one of the original Figs), Rolly arranged for his original silver Ludwig touring kit to be flown over from Los Angeles, complete with its customized bass drum featuring the Figs’ leafy logo. Rolly's favourite tour bus pass-time is doing Times crossword puzzles and he really doesn't wish to be invited to play Ticket to Ride with Beth, Bob and Mitch.